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Hello world!

So here I am. A dazed, grazed and exhausted wreck, but here none the less. Somehow, by some combination I will never quite know of brute luck and library hours, I have gotten myself a place on a PhD programme, which I officially start in 2 months. I have negotiated the minefield of having an idea and writing a research proposal. I have found my way through university admissions processes, made calls, checked details and sought references, all whilst holding down a full time job and studying part time. In some ways it feels like a victory in itself, but I know I have a long hard slog ahead. I hope it will be as rewarding as it will undoubtedly at times be infuriating. I expect to begin out of my depth, learning to swim as I go along. Quite clearly, I must be slightly out of my mind. But as far as I can glean from my preliminary research, being ever-so-slightly-unhinged enough as to want to spend several years studying one topic is a non-negotiable part of the admissions criteria for any PhD programme.

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