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Note to self – never buy a tea pot as a house-warming gift…

Why? I’ll tell you why. They are incredibly difficult to wrap, and impossible to wrap with any degree of finesse whatsoever. Go for a bottle of wine or a nice (square) box of chocolates – it’ll look far sleeker.

How do I know this? I know this for the same reason that I’ve been off line for months. I packed my tea pot to move house.

Then, once my tea pot was packed and shipped across town with all my other stuff, I had to unpack it at the other end. And then I had to do the research that didn’t get done during the months while I was house hunting, packing, moving and unpacking.

But I’m back now, and things are starting to get a bit more settled. Coming soon, I’m hoping to do a short series of related posts soon on writing a research proposal, applying for a PhD and applying for funding. Hopefully should be around just in time for those who will want to start thinking about applying for research degrees for next academic year. But right now, I’m going to have a much-needed cup of tea.

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