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New Research Paper: Punishing with care: Revising the conceptual vocabulary of punishment

Recently I had the great pleasure of giving a working paper at the Global Politics, Economy and Society graduate conference at Oxford Brookes University. I’m very grateful to the organisers, Matt Hurley and Matt Donoghue, for putting the conference together and to all those who attended for their helpful questions. I look forward to using […]

The importance of Trust in Care as a Practice

Finally – a post that’s relevant to my research. It’s my first one, so go easy one me. This brief post on the ethic of care considers the relation aspect of practical care-giving, and questions whether the important factor that does the work is actually the existence of trust between the cared-for and care giver. […]

Five quick tips to improve your academic writing

Academic writing is a specific skill. It’s not like writing a business report or a high school paper. Or a blog post for that matter. But any writing is about communicating ideas well, and so all writing can be good practice. It’s something you can always improve on. Here are five guidelines I try to […]

Scotland, the USA and the Lockerbie Bomber: An example of forwards and backwards perspective on punishment

Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi was originally convicted in 2001, when the court recommended he serve at least 20 years for the Lockerbie Bombing. He was released by Scottish authorities on 22nd August 2009 on compassionate grounds, as he has untreatable cancer and only months to live. I know little of the specific details of the case […]