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Brewing up a storm: what’s in a beer name?

The award-winning real ale ‘Top Totty’ brewed by Slaters has been removed from sale in the Parliamentary bars after some MPs and feminist commentators complained the name, along with the beer’s ‘bikini bunny girl’ label image, demeaned women. I am a real ale drinker, and I want prize-winning real beers to promoted and enjoyed as […]

Note to self – never buy a tea pot as a house-warming gift…

Why? I’ll tell you why. They are incredibly difficult to wrap, and impossible to wrap with any degree of finesse whatsoever. Go for a bottle of wine or a nice (square) box of chocolates – it’ll look far sleeker. How do I know this? I know this for the same reason that I’ve been off […]

Hello world!

So here I am. A dazed, grazed and exhausted wreck, but here none the less. Somehow, by some combination I will never quite know of brute luck and library hours, I have gotten myself a place on a PhD programme, which I officially start in 2 months. I have negotiated the minefield of having an […]